Frequently asked questions

1Do you also do kids' parties, workshops or commissions?

I do not do kids' parties. Workshops are unavailable until further notice. Commissions are possible after consultation.

2I am a beginner - can I still follow the turning and glazing course?

The instructions during the course will be adjusted to your experience level. Beginners will learn about the basic techniques of turning and more experienced students will receive tips on how to improve their skills.

3From what age can I take the course?

The course is meant for adults.

4What type of ceramics can I make during the course?

In the beginning you will mainly work on small cups and bowls. When you become more experienced you can start working on small vases, boxes and candle holders. Plates, teapots and big vases will be considered when you are relatively experienced.

5When will I hear if there is a free spot in the course for me?

I will start making the group division three or four weeks before the start of the course. I will then contact you to double check your availability and you can confirm your registration.

6How does payment work?

After you have confirmed your timeslot, you will receive a payment request. This will also serve as your proof of registration.

7What if I miss a lesson?

Sometimes you can catch up on a missed lesson when another student is absent. However, catch-up opportunies are not guaranteed.

8What do I need for the course?

It is always handy to have short nails and to wear sneakers. Some people bring an apron. Bring gloves for glazing (nitril disposable gloves or the green kitchen gloves, not the yellow latex ones). During corona-times there are special rules (see covid-19).